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Help with choosing a (Starboard) windsurf board

by Maarten on September 24, 2010

Starboard released a new tool to help you make a better board selection out of their range of windsurfing boards (and they have a lot of boards to choose from). I thinks it’s great that Starboard is releasing a tool like that. Off course will it help them to sell them the correct boards. As […]

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Mistral and Anders Bringdal collaboration!

by Maarten on May 15, 2009

Mistral told in an press release that they and Anders Bringdal have reach an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement for windsurf boards. As result a new generation of Mistral boards will be produced. Anders Bringdal is a four times world champion windsurfer and he doesn’t look bad on the speed tracks as well :-). Mistral is […]

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Starboard: an inside look

by Maarten on May 14, 2009

The french Windsurf Magazine had a great inside look in the headquarters of Starboard. Windsurfer Cyril Moussilmani showed them around. A while back I posted a video from Kevin Pritchard who was also talking about Starboard and testing the iSonic windsurf boards. He showed a lot in his video, at least that was what Starboard […]

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Windsurf board repair

by Maarten on May 3, 2009

Finally! After 3,5 weeks I have my windsurf board back. I damaged my board the first windsurfing session of the season. It was not a big ding but because I’m not that handy I decided to bring my windsurfing board to a well known shop in the Netherlands. It’s called Telstar in Harderwijk. When I […]

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Kevin Pritchard talks about testing at Starboard

by Maarten on December 24, 2008

Kevin Pritchard posted on his blog that he went to Thailand to test new shapes at the Starboard development headquarters a few days ago. In the short movie he tells us how the testing is going. I don’t get the impression that testing windsurf boards is a very stressful job 🙂 Update: Unfortunately the movie […]

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Windsurfing equipment RRD 2009 unofficially online

by Maarten on September 8, 2008

A lot of big brands are restyling there website. RRD (Roberto Ricci Design) is also busy with the developments. All windsurfing info is, despite the developments, already accessible. RRD is using this URL to the windsurfing equipment. With a small tweak the new page is shown. This links referring to the new equipment:

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