Tweet Fanatic released an action packed promotional DVD. Featuring some of the best windsurfers in the world, namely: Victor Fernandez, Gollito Estredo, Klaas Voget, Nayra Alonso, Peter Volwater, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Laure Treboux, Yoli de Brendt, Nik Baker, Craig Gertenbach, Sebastian Wenzel. The video also features lots of wave sailing action. So if you into […]


MauiSails TR-8 Video presentation

by Maarten on January 27, 2012

Tweet In this video, sail designer Artur Szpunar explains what the main focus points were during the development of the TR-8 racing sail. He also talks about what has been improved compared to last year. The TR-8 is MauiSails top of the line racing sail and will be used by sailors like Micah Buzianis (see Micah […]


Wesh Center Crew Windsurf Park

by Maarten on January 5, 2011

Tweet In Leucate, France, the first windsurfing park in the world has been opened. The surf spot has some cool kickers and sliders in the water which you normally only see during indoor events. The guys behind the windsurf park released this trailer to let you get glimpse of the freestyle possibilities. It looks really […]


To cold for windsurfing?

by Maarten on December 30, 2010

Tweet Not at all! These hardcore windsurfers show that low temperatures are not holding them back. The “white” stuff in the background is snow… shot at Oostvoorne, The Netherlands by Paul Boef. This video was made by Frederic Bonet at Porteils, France. Respect guys!


Speedsurfing @ la franqui

by Maarten on October 19, 2010

Tweet Here is short video from the NP/JP team speedsurfing at La Franqui. Nice to see how Ben van der Steen and Jacques van der Hout have to conquer the chop before they get to the flat water.


MauiSails TR-6 race sail in action

by Maarten on June 2, 2010

Tweet Maui Sails Just released a great action packed video about their fastest race sail, the TR-6. The sail designers Barry Spanier, Artur Szpunar and pro windsurfer Peter Volwater talk also about what has changed in this year`s TR-6. There is some great high-speed gybing in the video. So you can use this video to […]


Speedsurfing at La Franqui

by Maarten on April 18, 2010

Tweet Here is Jan Wolters showing some nice speedsurfing at La Franqui. I really like that song. It’s called Cake – The Distance. Enjoy! Update: Erik loots did a nice interview with Jan. Check out his blog.


Incredible high jumps!

by Maarten on April 11, 2010

Tweet Some of the best PWA windsurfers went out equipped with the new ShadowBox with only one goal: to jump as high as possible. And so they did. Boujmaa Guillol managed to jump an amazing 62 feet (=18,9 meters). Check out this great action packed video with incredible high jumps. The ShadowBox is a new […]

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Tow-in windsurfing?

by Maarten on February 14, 2010

Tweet You probably have heard about tow-in surfing. With muscle power alone the surfer can’t make enough speed to get picked up by the wave. The solution is easy, the surfer is towed in onto the wave by a wave runner. The surfer is now able to get bigger waves. I didn’t know that this […]


Boa Vista Surf trip – Cabo Verde

by Maarten on February 9, 2010

Tweet I guess I need to go to a warm tropical island again. Since all videos I am posting lately are shot at beautiful and tropical windsurfing spots. This video shows footage from a 2 week surf trip to Boa Vista which is part of the archipelago of Cabo Verde. …And here in the Netherlands […]


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