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Windsurfing in the Carribean is hot!

by Maarten on February 7, 2010

The upcoming events prove that windsurfing is hot in that region of the world. But we all know that already! Beautiful weather, amazing spots and trade winds. Can you ask for more? Probably not.

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Australian National Wave Sailing Titles

by Maarten on February 7, 2010

Another beautiful wave sailing video, shot at the the 2010 Australian National Wave Sailing Titles in Margaret River. Via: Beach Telegraph

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Big wave windsurfing Tenerife

by Maarten on February 6, 2010

Tenerife had some great windsurfing conditions this winter (unfortunately not when I was on the Canary Islands). How good? Well check out the video below.  Windsurfers Dany Bruch and Alex Mussolini were filmed at the north shore in extraordinary waves. Via: Windsurfer Today

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Freestyle videos for the sunday afternoon

by Maarten on November 15, 2009

If your aren’t at the water windsurfing today, then I have two fun freestyle movies for you. This first video shows Steven van Broeckhoven (B72) during a training session in Tarifa. This movie shows the 15 year old windsurfer Nick van Ingen (H-122). What is this guy good for his age! The action shots were […]

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Reunion wave classic: Watch all the action!

by Maarten on October 18, 2009

You had to wait for this movie but it was worthwhile. This video shows all the highlights of the competition at La Reunion Island. Expect hardcore wave riding in beautiful conditions. Watch it over here:

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Neilpryde Magic Moments

by Maarten on July 28, 2009

Magic Moments – That’s the name for the new Neilpryde video. In this video you can expect full action images shot at the pwa world tour in Pozo. Antoine Albeau dominates the slalom windsurfing course and Ricardo Campello is attempting a triple loop. Campello didn’t get the $10.000 ,- that was promised to him if […]

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Bongka? What’s that?

by Maarten on July 19, 2009

Do you know what a bongka is? Gollito Estrodo wrote on his blog that he added the bongka to his freestyle arsenal. Check here how he jumps this new freestyle move at the PWA World Cup on Gran Canaria.

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Finian not always a gentleman

by Maarten on July 15, 2009

Finian Maynard (KV-11) was probably pissed off since he pulled a fellow windsurfer from his board, as shown in the video below. I’m wondering what they are talking about and it’s not clear why Finian acted like that. Phil Horrocks reports about the Gran Canaria PWA World Tour for Boardseeker magazine. Check out the video […]

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Rider Davy Scheffers (H311), part of the international Gaastra/Tabou team, has posted a new video “After Bonaire” on his blog. Cool to see how the Dutch talents are making it to the international windsurfing scene. Watch his freestyle action.

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PWA Windsurf World Cup Podersdorf 2009

by Maarten on May 13, 2009

The second PWA World Tour event is over. I will not talk about too much since you can read the event summary here. Maui Sails also posted a nice even report. Down below you can watch al the videos of the event.

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