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Interview Kauli Seadi and Antoine Albeau

by Maarten on February 28, 2009

Kauli Seadi is looking back on the Cabo Verde PWA World Cup event. Nice to see how positive his approach is. The next video gives an impression about how Antoine Albeau is living. The only downside, it’s in French…

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Summary PWA World Cup Cabo Verde

by Maarten on February 25, 2009

The PWA windsurfing event on the Cabo Verde is over again! Ponta Preta really delivered world class waving conditions! The pro windsurfers really had a lot of room to show off their skills. Unbelievable to see how good they are on the water. The PWA has an extensive report, below you can find all the […]

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Windsurf video: Road Trip

by Maarten on January 24, 2009

Andre Paskowski published a new windsurf video in his Youtube channel. The video shows action from pro windsurfers Golito, Paskowski and their friends. All shots were taken in Sardinia. Check out the action!

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Longest windsurfer in the world!

by Maarten on December 23, 2008

This Coca Cola windsurfer is the longest windsurfer that is ever build. Off course it’s build by a dutch guy :). Really cool to see how other windsurfers are jumping over the board while the are windsurfing. It would be a pain in the ass to transport this thing though.

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Overview Tabou Boards 2009

by Maarten on December 15, 2008

Matt Pritchard presents in this video the new Tabou board range for 2009. I am really interested in the Tabou Manta. I read some testimonials and reviews which were very postive about these boards. The Mantas seem to be very quick, also in choppie conditions. The striping is also none standard. I hope I can […]

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Windsurf action videos!

by Maarten on December 14, 2008

Lately there were some nice conditions to go windsurfing, except for the cold! For me it’s to cold now to go out on the water. Luckily we still have the Internet to kill some time :-). Check out these two videos. JP Australia has footage from Robby Swift. He made a windsurfing trip to Chile […]

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Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action

by Maarten on December 6, 2008

I ran in to some old footage from Bjorn Dunkerbeck in action while I was looking for news about the man.Bjorn Dunkerbeck is about to switch from North Sails to Severne Sails. It was cool to see a pro windsurfer like Dunkerbeck on my homespot Strand Horst, the Netherlands. Check out the footage over here.

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Video report: The Mission 2008

by Maarten on September 10, 2008

This short windsurf video gives an impression from the Mission, a big windsurfing event in the Netherlands. The report starts at 5 min 22 sec. Check this online magazine if you are not satisfied with this report. Source: Daily Bits

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Stacked a Windsurf Movie!

by Maarten on August 25, 2008

Like announced a few days back, Stacked a windsurf movie has been released. Check out the 10 minute video stacked with action from Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura: Let me know what your opinion is about the video! Personaly I liked the action but  Committed Reloaded was more professional with more high quality shots. The production […]

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Windsurfig GPS data combined with video

by Maarten on August 24, 2008

Some french windsurfers did a great experiment! With the help of special software (GpsarPR 2.7) they combined the GPS data and their headcam. As result you will see the speed and direction on the video from your windsurfing session combined. There is no need for a special cam. Every “normal” video camera is capable of […]

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