For professional windsurfers sponsorship deals are an important part of their income. There are always a lot of things happening around that topic in the windsurfing industry.

Angulo Boards GutekFirst of all, Angulo managed to get Gutek Kurczewski (POL-75) on their team. This young talent has a beautiful track record already, being the 2009 Junior Slalom World Champion. And with Josh Angulo as your mentor, nothing can go wrong ;-).

Jesper Orth is joining KA Sails. He was sailing for Severne Sails. KA Sails is maybe not so familiar name but those sails are fast. Two of their riders broke the 50 knots barrier with a regular production sail. Very impressive. Lets see if Jesper can accomplish the same.

Dutch freestyler Davy Scheffers will enforce the Sooruz international windsurf team. Congratulations!

Finian Maynard is switching from Neilpryde to Gaastra. That’s remarkable since he has been part of the Neilpryde team for quite a while now. And Neilpryde sails are still considered as one of the best sail brands in the world. The new Gaastra Vapors are looking great too, though. Check out this sneak peek.