Finally! After 3,5 weeks I have my windsurf board back. I damaged my board the first windsurfing session of the season. It was not a big ding but because I’m not that handy I decided to bring my windsurfing board to a well known shop in the Netherlands. It’s called Telstar in Harderwijk.

When I showed the damage I asked how much it was going to cost me, about 50 euro they told me. A reasonable price. When I picked up the board I had to pay 112 euro. That`s a big difference!

I don’t mind that the reparation costs were more expensive than expected, at least they should have informed me about the price difference. Unfortunately Telstar didn’t. Luckily the damage is gone and the repair is well done. Also the striping is back to it’s old condition.

Tip: Pay attention to what you agree on when someone else repairs your windsurf board.