A new Windsurfer International Magazine is out. This is a fairly new windsurfing magazine which you can find only online.  And that’s no coincidence.

Brain likes print but he has to say that even recycled paper doesn’t make up for the traditional methods print uses to publish everything because of the toxic inks, wasted paper and high shipping costs. Besides that, some magazines also “recycle” the content which have been seen online already.

I don’t fully agree because a lot of people forget how much environmental impact all the data centers have on which all the websites reside. Anyway it’s another great issue!

The February issue has to offer you:

McKercher vs. StoneWindsurfer International Magazine February 2010
Team Severne Master and Student

Lancelin Ocean Classic 25th
Anniversary Special.

The Backside 360 with Martin Ten Hoeve

Freshman Year
Jamie Hancock Hits the Tour

Sarah Hebert Shreds with Pink Dolphins

Continent Seven
The Team Uncovered

Beginner To Winner
Time to Ride

Board and Sail 360 with dutch windsurfer Martin ten Hoeve.

Sun Sea Sand
Environmental News