Top windsurfer Micah Buzianis (US-34) has broken his lake during the PWA World cup on Fuerteventura.

Martin Brandner reports:
We toke him to the hospital to find out what is wrong and after 30 minutes we get the shocking news. His leg is broken (fibula) and probably was at least partly broken since he crashed with another rider ten days ago in Gran Canaria where he was hit by a fin right on top of his ankle where his foot is broken now. Back then he got 5 stitches because he had a pretty bad cut – but otherwise he thought he was fine – even though the pain in his leg never really went away.

This is a big setback for every athlete. Especially now, when Micah was closing the gap with Antoine Albeau (FRA-192). Bjorn Dunkerbeck is now third and has the possibility to get even higher because of this incident.

Photo broken leg windsurfer Micah Buzianis US-34
source: JP Australia International