2009 was for me one of my worst windsurfing seasons ever. I set some nice targets at the beginning of 2009 but none of them are reached…

The season began not so well because after a few times windsurfing I damaged my board. Because it had to be repaired, I was not able to windsurf for several weeks. What a pity!

Then I started again fully motivated. But unfortunately, after a number of sessions I crashed and broke my carbon boom and damaged my sail. The damage to the sail was not fun but was quickly repaired. On the other hand the carbon boom was not. What are those booms expensive! After having doubts about buying a new carbon boom I decided to buy new one. But then I didn’t have the money to do such a large purchase. Thus again, no possibility to go windsurfing.

Strong winds at Gran Canaria

Strong wind at Gran Canaria

Now we live in 2010 already. The new year started very well because I am just back from Gran Canaria. I hoped that I could windsurf there but that was not the case. There was too little wind or just too much.  At the windsurf center they advised me not to go on the water. Looking back, I should have gone and ignore the advice. Nonetheless I had a good time and the weather was much better than at home.

Utrecht (NL) in the Winter

Utrecht (NL) at the Weerdsluis in the Winter

For 2010 I will have no new targets because  I will try to reach my goals I set in 2009.  Before March I will purchase a new carbon boom and my GPS is updated with the latest software ready to go.

So let the wind blow!